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The Twelve Dates of Christmas

"The Twelve Dates of Christmas is worth more than a look – it's worth a place as a Christmas tradition. Like A Christmas Carol and its ilk, this is one I would brave the snowy streets again to see next December."​

Jon Boughtin,



Ginna Hoben, courtesy of CATCO; Deena Marie Manzanares by Robert Holman; Renita James, by Chris Bartelski; Image courtesy of Playscripts, Inc.;  Ellie Clark by Joseph Rey Au; Missy Teeters by Michael Benedict ; Rachel Ratkowski by Ben Ratkowski; Image courtesy of Old Joint Stock Theatre Company; Stephanie Holladay Earl by Lindsey Walters; Image by Jen D'Agosta; Maggie Lakis by Mark Garvin; Kari Ginsburg, by Jon Harvey; Miriam Donald Burrows by Lindsey Walters; Melora Kordos by Tom Nowell; Ginna Hoben by David Alkire; Image courtesy of NextStop Theatre Company; Stephanie Holladay Earl by Lindsey Walters; Iraisa Ann Reilly by Aleksey Photography; Stephanie Holladay Earl by Lindsey Walters; Ginna Hoben by Michael Bailey; Annie Kalahurka, by Mikki Schaffner; Renita James, by Chris Bartelski; Caitlin O'Connell, Missy Teeters and Lucy Black by Michael Benedict; Maggie Lakis, artwork by John Flak; Ginna Hoben by David Alkire; Rachel Handler by Joe Velez; Elizabeth Allard by Dane CT Leasure; Sarah Gain, courtesy of Old Joint Stock Theatre; Ginna Hoben by Lauren D. Rogers; Image and artwork courtesy of  Forest Roberts Theatre; Rebekah Durham by Maryanna Clarke; Ginna Hobe by Tommy Thompson; Miriam Donald Burrows by Lindsey Walters; Karen Volpe by Jon Weinberg ; Miriam Donald Burrows and Christopher Johnston by Lindsey Walters; Elizabeth Allard by Dane CT Leasure; Maggie Lakis by Mark Garvin ; image courtesy of NextStop Theatre Company; Rachel Handler by Joe Velez; Jaclyn Hofmann by Casey Gardner; Rebekah Durham by Maryanna Clarke;  Amie Bjorklund by  Erika Hall; Allison Glenzer by Michael Bailey; Annie Kalahurka, by Mikki Schaffner;  Miriam Donald Burrows by Lindsey Walters; Jaclyn Hofmann by Casey Gardner; Image by Ari McBride;  Melanie Moseley by Ari Grey; Bridget Esterhuizen, Ginna Hoben, and Miriam Donald Burrows by Lauren D. Rogers.

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