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"It is impossible not to like writer/performer

Ginna Hoben’s salty-perky stage persona."

 Jane Horwitz, Washington Post

“Ginna Hoben is a combination of Amy Poehler, Ellen Degeneres, Tina Fey, a sprinkle of Julia Louis–Dreyfus, and, most of all, a whole lot of original energy that makes you want her to be your new best friend.”

— Caroline Simpson, DC Metro Theatre Arts

“Ginna Hoben, playwright, took a series of semi-autobiographical events and wove them into a 75-minute, one-woman show about life, love and the pursuit of meaningful relationships during the holidays. Ginna Hoben, humorist, honed it to a quirky, sometimes profanity-laced edge designed to resonate with any woman who’s ever been on a date or had her heart pulverized. And finally, Ginna Hoben, actress, got up on the Blackfriars Playhouse stage, put her talent and creative vision on the line and earned for herself yet a fourth title — Ginna Hoben, success. For “The Twelve Dates of Christmas” is just that, and so is its creator. ”


— Charles Culbertson, Staunton News Leader​

“The title roles are played not by two men but by a man and a woman, Rick Blunt and Ginna Hoben, who act in the broad, unselfconsciously vulgar manner of Shakespearean clowns. This proves to be a shrewd touch...  The acting is engagingly casual, the staging fast and furious.” 

— Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal

“Gunderson delightfully imagines a sisterhood between playwright Olympe de Gouges

(passionate, witty Ginna Hoben),

infamous queen Marie Antoinette (excitably energetic Maggie Lou Rader), assassin Charlotte Corday (defiant Tess Talbot), and Haitian activist Marianne Angelle (wonderfully earthy Torie Wiggins.) . . . these bold, fearless and outspoken ladies are strengthened by each other in their quest to determine and debate what it means to be a true revolutionary.

— Russel Florence, Jr., Dayton Daily News

 “Ginna Hoben... incorporates sex appeal and derring-do with a delicious joi de vivre. She makes us accept as completely plausible a young woman who can smite men’s hearts and, at the same time—although she barely comes up to the middle buttonhole of some of her male adversaries – smite them with fear."

Charles Culbertson, Staunton News Leader

“… the character (Helena) is delightfully portrayed by the lovely Ginna Hoben.

Her performance is captivating, and she adeptly marginalizes Helena's misguided romantic goals by conveying the character's determination

and resourcefulness.” 

— Charles Culbertson, Staunton News Leader

“But what was truly amazing about this show was Hoben's communication with the audience…"

 Hannah Menchhoff,

“Ginna Hoben performs her one-woman script with grace, ease, and passion ... Her detailed portrayal of various characters she encounters simply come to life, from her mouse-like mother, to crazy Aunt Cathy, to the strong, superhero Dr. Hogan, to name just a few.”


 Lisa Mulch, Columbus Underground

“This is a crowning performance for Hoben as she intelligently treads the spectrum of Livia's character while plunging into the depths of the rich widow's being. Her great fake dissembling scene… ends with a roar of anguish that fastens an iron grip on our throats. It starts as a groan that's almost comical but quickly shifts into a wall-rattling wail leaving us in no doubt that this woman has a hurt that can never be extinguished...”

Eric Minton,

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